Contact: Mr. Yu
Tel: 0757-29275085/13078495490
QQ: 984061279
E-mail: [email protected];
MSN: [email protected]
ADD: Foshan City, Lanshi town, Shiliang Industrial meijiaju decorative hardware factory
“MEIJIAJU” hardware factory was founded in 2003, is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of stainless steel column, column of aluminum-magnesium alloy, advanced door handle, Steel-wood staircase, hardware accessories, such as manufacturers of metal building materials. Future, our work will focus on ..
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Fixed-fifth anniversary of netizens Carnival [ 03-18 ]
Fixed-open source products released SiteWeaver6.5 [ 03-18 ]
Visit today by background management system Reloaded! [ 03-18 ]
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Technical guidance [ 06-05 ]
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